Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day Saturday

This is the most snow we've had in the middle Tennessee area for a long time..... There's something so pure and alluring about untouched snow. It's so untainted, as nature's true white showers the quiet atmosphere. It blankets the earth as nature's gift, like it's saying, "Even though winter is dead, cold, and desolate I will still surround you in beauty."

The sky is white and whimsical beckoning for a blizzard as the bare trees split and branch, painting the sky with swaying veins. The sound of children laughing travels through the air as they are making snow angels, sleding, and having snowball fights. It is a winter wonderland.
Mother Nature is quite the magician.....

Can you tell me how you feel about nature? favorite season? I'd love to hear your stories...


  1. I love it! It snowed here also, in Maryland, what a beautiful way to describe it - you're so right. I love nature! Fall is my favorite season for sure, it's the perfect temperature

  2. Since moving to Fla I miss the seasons of New England.

    Love the contrast you get with the snow. In the right light everything flattens out & the world looks like a papercutting (like your top photo)

  3. It looks like a winter wonderland :)