Friday, January 22, 2010

{One Trick Pony}

This is my second treasury ever on . Nat D'Lanzy by thefiligree ( ) was the inspiration for the theme and this treasury has everything from note cards and paintings to bookends and jewelry. Thanks to all the wonderfully talented artists showcased in this treasury! If you Etsians want to comment on what you think or want to check out the items featured, go to Etsy via the link below:


  1. I noticed your link in the forums of etsy as I researched how to set up my storefront. (I want to get it done sooner so it will be ready when I'm ready to sell) Your jewelry is lovely and I decided to follow you. I have a new blog too and know the "loneliness" feeling of an empty follow account. You deserve more followers! So here's me being smart and following you sooner. hehehe. Keep up the good work, girl! We'll all get there eventually!