Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Made a Blog, Now What?

Now that I've started this journey into the blog world, I must find a concept right? There are so many things I take an interest in, as I've said before, I am a 'jack of all trades'. I know it will focus mainly on the Etsy world; themes of great handmade items, featured local sellers here in Tennesse, interviews with my favorite sellers worldwide, and maybe even helpful information on buying, selling, and what's in store for Etsy with our new/old CEO and founder of Etsy, Rob. I also would like to talk about trends and and how-tos in the worlds of fashion, jewelry, and crafting in general. Maybe some tutorials and fashion forecasting?

I guess what I'm saying is I don't want this to be just another blog for pimping out my store or getting sales. Yes, I may post photos of new items and their processes but I want this to be bigger than me. I want this to bring enlightenment, joy, and knoweledge to those who support the arts. I want this blog to be full of life and information to all the crafters, DIYers, and for those who just love the art community, like a free for all. I'd like input from all you Etsians, followers, and readers about what YOU would like to see for the future of this little blog.
What would you find to be the most intriguing to read about?
Let me know what you think since you will be the ones reading it.
♥ Cat

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  1. Ha, I just wrote almost the exact same post (which will go up on my new blog tomorrow)! I know exactly how you feel! What I do is just link from my blog to others' that I like - including etsy shop listings. I also try to offer some helpful insights I've stumbled upon so far - in addition to some tutorials and DIYs. I'm just starting, like you, so hopefully these tidbits will help!